Prince Harry turns 30 today, and to celebrate the birthday of our favourite royal, we’ve got a few typically outrageous jokes to laugh your head off to. From girls to Nazi outfits and Afghanistan, here’s to the ginger lad that can do no wrong.
Prince Harry is 30 and still doesn’t have a girl. This means either
a) he’s got no game
b) he’s a lizard
Prince Harry is now 30, still living at home and sponging off of his family.
Personally, I think his mum would be ashamed.
Have you heard how much Harry’s inheriting from his mum on his birthday?
Turns out there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Prince Harry plays with guns, drinks beer, gets naked and is still playing the field.
Finally, a role model for today’s kids.
Now he’s 30, there’s even more pressure on Prince Harry to find a wife.
If I give him mine, will I be exempt from tax duties?
What does a JK Rowling book have in common with Pippa Middleton’s arse?
Harry’s going to be in it.
Prince Harry will be celebrating his birthday the only way he knows how: insulting Muslims, Jews and Asians.
If Prince Harry’s bare arse doesn’t end up on the front page of The Sun the morning after his birthday, he is not the man I thought he was.