jokes 625My wife was watching Hurricane Katia on the news.

She said, “If I ever spot a hurricane and get to name it, I shall name it after my mother in memory of her. What do you think?”

“I think the weatherman will have some objection to saying ‘Hurricane Cunt’ on national TV.” Pete, Wilsden
BBC NEWS NI – Hurricane Katia Winds Reach Northern Ireland

BBC NEWS WALES – Travel Hit As 81mph Winds Strike

BBC NEWS ENGLAND – Severe Winds Batter Northern England

BBC NEWS SCOTLAND – Brother And Sister Caught Having Sex In Train Station. Bret, Southfields

Why stop at Mars Bars? Hurricane Katia has battered the whole of Scotland! Duncan, Paddington
Hurricane Katia has hit Ireland with very strong winds.

In fact Ireland has not been blown this hard since they opened the St. Patrick’s Industrial School for Boys. Phil, Kings Cross

SKY NEWS driver killed by falling tree as Hurricane Katia batters Britain

Be front page news tomorrow when papers get wind of it. Martin, Bondi

I was breastfeeding my daughter on the London Underground the other day and I kept getting dodgy looks from other passengers…

Then again, I am a man and she is 27. Nigel, Dorking

I was cooking rabbit tonight when the wife walked into the kitchen and said,”Ha! And you call me the bunny boiler.”

We both laughed.

And then I stabbed the bitch. Bart, Bondi