harry Redknapp jokesHarry Redknapp has refused the England job as he said he wasn’t looking forward to the “tax ahead” Dan, Surry Hills

Sky Sports News have just asked Harry Redknapp about the Euros.

He’s shit himself!

“Euros, what Euros?!? They told you, I ain’t guilty!!” Jimmy, Bristol

A dog named rosie has just placed a £500,000 bet for Harry Redknapp to become next england manager. Smithy, Fremantle

So its time to discuss the future England manager again and who is the best candidate. As we all know the FA want a suit wearing, nodding yes person….

Harry Redknapp gets my vote. Nod, nod, wink, wink Queeny, Bow

Spurs told Harry Redknapp he was free to leave this morning,
All he has to do is write his own resignation letter! Sam, Brighton

A drunken Jamie Redknapp stumbles into his parents house after a night out, “Dad, can you pay the taxi guy please”

“For fuck sake” shouts Harry, “Not guilty they said,…NOT FUCKING GUILTY” Simone, Leeds

Am I the only one that thinks the England job would be too taxing for Harry Redknapp? Zane, Rotheram

I’ve just seen Harry Redknapps dog using a cashpoint! Rob, Ryde

You can follow the Harry Redknapp trial live on Twitcher. Paula, Cairns

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