87 Year Old Man eats 64 Year Old LardHans Feldmeier, a retired chemist from Rostock in Germany, is waging war on use-by dates. His first battle has been won.

In 1948, young student Hans had received a package from the US aid programme including two tins of noodles, some milk and a tin of lard. After finishing off the rest of the package, Hans kept the lard in case of emergency. For some reason, though he never used it, Hans “…just didn’t want to throw it away”. Besides, the Swift’s Bland Lard packet showed no expiry date.

Finally, he has taken the aged tin to some food safety experts in his home town to get their opinion.

Frerk Feldhusen from the Office of Agriculture, Food Safety and Fisheries provided the analysis:

“There is of course a slight lack of smell and taste. Moreover, the lard is of gritty consistency, difficult to dissolve and looked a bit old. All in all, given its level of freshness and its material composition, the product is assessed as satisfactory. It would stand up to today’s definition of being fit for the dinner table.”

Pleased with the results, Hans prepared his breakfast. Bland Lard on a slice of rye bread.

A lesson to all to think twice about throwing out food which has reached its expiry date.

By Lewis Roe

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