Six Nations 2012 Week 2 Round-Up?On a snowy pitch at the Stadio Olimpico, England’s hopes of helping Italy to a win were dashed by those despicable traitors Charlie Hodgson and Owen Farrell.

England had tried their best to give the Italians a much needed boost – and to make up for the treatment Fabio Capello’s received this week – by continually giving them the ball and allowing them to build a lead of 15-6; but, unfortunately, Hodgson and Farrell just wouldn’t play along. Hodgson’s try and Farrell’s kicking forced England to take the lead away from Italy and win the game 15-19 – thus ruining the plans of their teammates. Selfish – that’s what they are.

Of course, Saturday’s other game between France and Ireland was cancelled due to the frozen condition of the Stade de France pitch. The game was only called off 10 minutes before kick off and left John Inverdale and his co-presenters to wonder aloud what they’d do on a Saturday night in Paris. (The dirty bastards.)

Sunday’s game between Wales and Scotland once again showcased how exciting the Welsh are – with the second half, in particular, another exhilarating display of attacking rugby. Wales were strong throughout and ruthlessly took advantage of the sin binning of Nick de Luca to build a 27-6 lead – which proved too much for Scotland.

For their part, Scotland scored their first try in 5 games, and, if they’re able to stop being so wasteful, look like they could turn someone over in the near future. (If only they were playing Italy sooner…)

The game ended 27-13 to Wales; and you wouldn’t bet against them winning their third Grand Slam in eight years.

By Peter Simpson

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