englandFIRST Ashley Cole. Then John Terry. Now, with news that the national team’s pre World Cup plans have been secretly taped by a sneaky snitch, it seems there’s yet another dirty bugger in the England camp.
The tapes, which reportedly feature discussions on team tactics, player bonuses and, presumably, Ashley Cole banging a slapper in the next room, were recorded ahead of England’s 3-1 win over Egypt last week.
But it wasn’t some sneaky foreign boss trying to eavesdrop on England’s masterplan, a lá evil Grimthorpe Town boss Gus Parker in Billy the Fish.
Apparently it was just some chancer member of the public who bugged the team hotel and wanted to cash in on being a bastard.
But the jokes on him because the contents of the tapes were, obviously, recorded illegally and can’t be used by newspapers.
Idiot. If only he’d bugged Ashley Cole’s home bedroom with a hidden camera instead, he would have made a fortune with nudey shots of Cheryl Cole.