Whitney Houston JokesWhitney Houston to star in her new film. The Bodybag. Pat, Greenwich

“The Police were unable to revive Whitney Houston”
I always thought that Sting & his mates were a set of useless cunts, this confirms it. Rich, St Kilda

Whitney Houston ill…. Whitney Houston dead….

Not funny? It was when that Kim Jong fellow died last year. Fred, Paddington

A full day of Whitney Houston on MTV.
I don’t know who is in hell, me or her. Tim, Fremantle

What’s black, lies on the floor, “Will Always Love You” and has white stuff around it’s nose?
A border collie. Lucy, Lincoln

‘It’s not right, but it’s okay’
…sings Whitney Houston’s coroner as he slowly unbuckles his belt. Sarah, Surry Hills

Looks like Whitney Houston is cool again now that she’s just made the transition from mainstream to the underground. Mike, Middlesborough

Well Whitney, that’s one way to kick start your album sales… Terry, Kings Cross

Whitney Houston ended her life the same way she ended her songs.
On a high note. Ben, Chelsea

I’ve decided to call my cock ‘Whitney’.
Because it likes to go stiff in the bath. James, Manly

1963 – Whitney Houston
2012 – Whitney Houstoff. Graham, Balmoral

Whitney Houston. After her death, as is usually the case, is guaranteed to sell millions of records.
Jedward- are you listening? Liam, Leyton

Ramsey scores v Utd, Bin Laden dies.
Ramsey scores v Spurs, Steve Jobs dies.
Ramsey scores v Marseille, Gaddafi dies.
Ramsey scores v Sunderland, Houston dies.
Surely if he scores 100 more, we can wipe out Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. Dan, Kings Cross

Lots of bad puns being made about Kevin Costner/The Bodyguard/Whitney Houston.
Waterworld we live in. Flo, St Kilda.

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