Coach Driver Couldn’t Handle A Joke, Let Alone A CoachYou know how it feels when you’re on a school coach journey and you see another coach nearby, you want to shout something like “honk your horn” or “your gay”, or even nowadays they say “you fat bastard!” Coach driver Colin Scott didn’t take that too well, as a group of school kids shouted fat jokes at Scott, also shouting to him “is your wife fat as well?” Scott clearly either doesn’t go to a gym or is self-conscious and when the kids continued hurling abuse from the sidewalks, he continuously swerved towards them and ended up crashing the coach into a heap of traffic, causing £260,000 worth of damage. After all that, he still didn’t hit the kids!

Nick Henderson, a John Lewis employee, read out a statement in court stating “I shouted at the driver to stop when he hit buildings. He only stopped when a road sign came through the windscreen and I was thrown to the floor.” Witnesses said Scott lost his mind and became hell bent on revenge. His revenge caused a 6 car pile-up and three buildings damaged severely. And he STILL didn’t hit the kids!

Scott has now been disqualified from driving for three years and has to do 200 hours of unpaid work as well as a hefty fine. If I was those kids now, I’d be shitting myself if his unpaid work is as a teacher at their school. I’m sure Mr Scott would be happily to volunteer 24 hours a day for that.

By Jason Barr

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