fabio capello
What’s the difference between Fabio Capello and Postman Pat?
Postman Pat can deliver the goods. Harry, Tottenham
Fabio Capello walks into a bar.
Sorry, I mean ‘job centre’. Ryan, Potts Point
I asked Fabio Capello if he thought England would go 4-4-2 today. He said “No, I think they will go 7-4-7, it’s bigger and offers more leg room.” Jamie, Southend
Fabio Cappello has been reported to be looking at up and coming young talent in England
Damn celebrity’s get away with everything, they put me on a list for that! Peter, Darlinghurst
Fabio Cappello has taken John Terry’s side in the battle over the captaincy.
Just like an Italian to take sides with the Nazi.
Don’t worry though, Cappello will be on the FA’s side again when he’s found guilty. Bruce, Manly
Fabio Capello has resigned as England manager. Not the 1st time an Italian has fled from a sinking ship! Anthony, Windsor
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