Fabio Capello InterviewThe Fabio Capello interview in Italy is what caused the Italian to resign from his post as England Manager last night. In a massive shock turnaround, Capello, who was supposed to leave AFTER the Euros in June, has resigned as England manager after the decision to strip John Terry of the England captaincy without bringing him in on the discussion and debate. Capello has since been quoted to have said that he was disappointed that his authority was taken away by the FA and was upset about not being consulted on the John Terry debate. However, as usual trying to calm the situation down, the FA have denied this saying the meeting between Capello and the FA was friendly and respectful. I don’t know about you, but when a manager is upset about his authority and decides to resign, does that sound like a friendly meeting?

Now that Capello has left after his beloved ‘commitment’, all talk is on ‘Arry Redknapp becoming the new manager after his court trial verdict being found not guilty put his reputation back to sky high. Even though Redknapp has always been top favourite to be England manager, if he was found guilty his reputation would’ve questioned his decision to be England Manager. There are rumours that Capello bet Redknapp that if he was not found guilty, then he would resign for Harry to take over his job and Capello would take the Tottenham job. If that is true, then Harry would be going to court again with payments from account name Rosie47 to account name Englandsuck2012.

By Jason Barr

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