The Plastic Bag Tax across England begun on 5th October and chaos commenced pretty quickly. To calm everyone down and make light of the damn situation, here are some plastic bag jokes. Enjoy!
Plastic bags are worth 5p? I could sell all of mine under the kitchen sink and have enough for a holiday in Dubai.
When Wales introduced the 5p Plastic Bag Tax, a Tesco store in Denbighshire had 97% of its metal shopping baskets stolen.
Supermarkets are charging 5p for a plastic bag. Waitrose are charging 12p for an organic sac plastique.
Overheard in Tesco:
“They’ll charge you 5p for that.”
“It doesn’t count – it’s an individually wrapped croissant.”
I’m doing a sale – all plastics bags just 2p.
Who needs a plastic bag? I’ll just use the three-year-old condom in my wallet.
5p for a plastic bag? Joke’s on them – they don’t know how much shopping I can fit in my mouth.
Tesco are telling me I have to pay for a bag to carry my shopping in? It’s as if they want me to steal.
Who needs a plastic bag? I’m gonna dig up Joan Rivers and use her face.