Tulisa-catsuit tulisa coke jokesWe love it when a celeb is caught being not so bright. So this week, we’d like to give a big shoutout to our main girl Tulisa for providing endless (ENDLESS) jokes after being filmed organising a drug deal by an undercover reporter. Class. A. Pillock.
When Tulisa said she was leaving The X Factor ‘to do something different’, I can’t say this was what I was expecting
Tulisa should have maybe kept the drug-dealing under wraps…
Seems like someone took the ‘Share Coke With Friends’ campaign a little too seriously…
Tulisa has been arrested on suspicion of supplying class A drugs.
It’s not the first blow to affect her career
I actually never knew that Tulisa’s surname was ‘Contostavlos’. I always thought it was ‘from N-Dubz’
Tulisa has been arrested for allegedly selling drugs.
Police are also looking for other crimes to be taken into consideration, namely her cousin Dappy and crimes against music
Looks like Tulisa is able to produce some white stuff after all…
The X Factor judges love nothing more than a quick game of poker in the green room.
Tulisa usually deals
So apparently Tulisa’s been arrested for supplying class A drugs.
Well, if the video I watched of her last year is anything to go by, I’ll bet it was poor quality blow
Tulisa’s been arrested for mishandling coke, but what about when she mishandled cock?
News of coke-dealing will ‘go down badly’ with Tulisa’s fans…just like Tulisa herself, then
I was going to buy a talentless, cokehead, chav woman but I didn’t have enough money upfront, so I decided Tulisa her instead
See what Sharon Osbourne thinks of Tulisa’s arrest
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