As our childhood continues to crumble beneath us with basically everyone on TV being a sex offender, we thought we’d put together the best of the Rolf Harris jokes that have been sent in to us. You’re welcome…?
Is there no end to Rolf Harris’s musical talents? Hit songwriter, singer, virtuoso on didgeridoo and wobble-board, and now we find out he’s also an expert fiddler. Steve, Darlinghurst
hmmm n a haaaaaaaaan mmmm na ahha hhaaa
Rolf Harris having a wank. Paul, St Kilda
I’ve just heard that Rolf Harris is dyslexic.
Rofl. Jane, Banbury
Rolf Harris has just released Two Little Boys.
I always had my suspicions. Glasses, beard… it all adds up. Pete, Surry Hills
When police officers went to arrest Rolf Harris, he asked “What am I being arrested in connection with?”
The arresting officer did a quick sketch of a child’s arsehole and said “Can you tell what it is yet?” Denise, Paddington
According to the BBC, Rolf Harris has joined a Welsh Choir to do “Two Little Boys”, and they don’t suspect a thing! Rob, Richmond
Rolf Harris will probably spend the rest of his worthless life surrounded by scumbag criminals.
But at least it’s hot in Australia. Frank, Kings Cross
When will Rolf Harris realise that 10 years of presenting Animal Hospital doesn’t cancel out a lifetime of rearing chickens in battery farms and frying them with his “Secret recipe”? Greg, Chelsea
Allegedly, Rolf Harris has been arrested by police investigating sex crimes relating to the Jimmy Savile inquiry. I feel my childhood is being pulled from under me.
Who will be next, the cast of Rainbow or Fingermouse?
Most likely Fingermouse, I’d say. Simon, Fitzroy
Rolf Harris says that whatever happened it’s all in the past.
It’s just a matter of what his Didgery Did, then… Gareth, Tottenham
On Animal Hospital, I wondered why Rolf Harris looked so excited when he was told they’d be looking at a young beaver. Tom, Goring
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