Prince Harry Party Animal– I hear Prince Harry has split up with his girlfriend of 5 years.

I know he’s royalty and all but that’s a bit young isn’t it? Phillip, Edinburgh

– The Sun newspaper has said it thought “long and hard” about the naked Prince Harry photos.

Personally, that’s the last thing I was thinking when I saw them. Jake, Manly

– The Duke Of Edinburgh has expressed his disappointment at photos of a naked Prince Harry in Vegas.

“What did you do with that Nazi outfit I bought you?” he asked the Prince. Jason, Richmond.

– News: Prince Harry secretly meets Pippa for Tea and Cakes.

Bollocks! Tea bagging and cream pie more like. Tommy, London

– I don’t know what all the fuss is about with Prince Harry,

Amir Khan has been getting battered and making a fool out of himself in Vegas for years. Angie, Adelaide

– I’ve just seen Prince Harry in the papers,

Which was strange because i always thought gingers weren’t allowed in The Sun. Sam, Sydney

– Prince Harry’s arse is shining out of The Sun today. James, Manchester

– Glad to see Prince Harry trying to get over the fact he will never be king by clutching some different crown jewels. Harry, Sydney

– I thought I saw the Olympic flame in Las Vegas the other night…

…turned out Prince Harry just had his bollocks out. Sherman, Brighton.

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