go topless dayAmerican women bared their breasts in defiance of female oppression once more for a protest against double standards. That’s what they’re saying it’s about anyway.

These gals are claiming that telling women to cover their assets is unconstitutional while men are free to walk about without shirts. Their argument is basically that since women have the vote and gained more and more forms of equality to men the next logical step is that they should be allowed to go topless wherever and whenever they want. Not allowing it is gender discrimination.

Another point made is that until 1933, men too were required to wear tops at all times in public.

The women say that they want men to recognise the difference between nudity and sexuality. Men should be able to see breasts and not get turned on. Their website even says that men can handle it just fine when they see cleavage or legs in short skirts. How out of touch are these women!?!? Aren’t they aware that there’s a frightening percentage of blokes who think a short skirt is an invitation to rape?

The day at Central Park, New York received mixed reactions. While Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m Every Woman’ played, some women were proud to join in, flaunting themselves in the name of their silly cause. Others were wishing they would cover up and trying to remind them of a little thing called ‘modesty’.
The bulk of male reaction was leering and horn honking. So, well done girls. Mission accomplished.

The strangest thing about it was that many of the participants wore tape to cover their nipples and in some cases even straps with the word ‘censored’. Seems like a lack of commitment to the cause on their part and just an opportunity to be part of a crowd.
Also, I don’t think ‘Go Topless’ needs a hyphen.

I wonder if any of these girls have thought through the process of normalising female toplessness. Whenever you see those tribes in jungles where it’s normal, they’re always in bad shape. Bras are a good thing! They keep bosoms perky and healthy. These women want a world where nice boobies don’t exist! They must be stopped!
And think of all the jobs in the porn industry and glamour modelling that would be lost when men don’t think titties are sexy anymore. The economy is already in a mess, we don’t want to lose the one industry no one will ever get bored of!

By Lewis Roe

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