Manchester United JokesTip for Man Utd fans: when you’re next cooking dinner, remember, some extra thyme’s nice but you can’t beat Basel. Jack, Newcastle

What do Sybil Fawlty and Alex Ferguson have in common?

They both hate getting fucked by Basel. Arthur, Bondi

I want to leave right now to go on holiday to America. Apparently the quickest way to get out of Europe is Manchester. Paul, Surry Hills

Manchester United is turning in 2-1 big joke now. Andrew, Adelaide

I really fancied a cup-a-soup, so I decided to make some Tomato and Manchester United soup util I realised…

I should have had Tomato and Basel. Basel is better in the cup. Harry, Paddington

Just heard that the Manchester clubs are jointly releasing a fragrance for Christmas

Channel No.5. Bett, St Kilda

Welcome to ManCH5ster. Dough, Darlinghurst

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