Deck the Halls with... Thousands of Baubles?Christmas – tis’ the season that brings all of the glitter loving nutters out of the woodwork. Like Sylvia Pope of Swansea whose obsession with baubles has led her to plaster her house with them.

Sylvia, full of the (Woolworths) Christmas spirit, has decorated the ceiling of her living room with a whopping 1700 baubles. Her collection has been brought from all over the world, and every year she spends around £100 on new decorations.

The highlight of her madness was apparently walking into Macy’s in New York where she reportedly wet her pants with glee at the number of baubles on sale – she had to buy a new suitcase to ship them all home.

Sylvie started decorating at the end of September and doesn’t expect to be done until Christmas Day. She’s even contemplating leaving them up all year to save the work next winter.

Let’s hope that the mad old bat lives on her own.

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: RebeccaEJones

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