Lindsay Lohan jokesWhy did Playboy paid $1 million dollars to secure pictures of Lindsay Lohan naked? Surely they should have just taken her out and got her smashed for about 50 bucks and the same result.
Will, Surry Hills

So Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days in prison. Bet she wishes she never pretended to be a lesbian now.
Gary, London

Heard Lindsay Lohan is going down. To prison, or on another woman again?
Rick, Kings Cross

Lindsay Lohan’s nickname is LiLo. Presumably because she always has some pumping her or laying on top of her.
Colin, Brixton

New sitcom starring Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen to premiere next autumn. It’s called Two and a Half Grams.
Sam, Fitzroy

Lindsay Lohan wept in court as she was sentenced to 90 days in prison. Cheer up Lindsay, it could be worse. You could be a ginger, alcoholic, drug addicted lesbian with a vanishing film career… oh.
Thomas, St Kilda

Not sure sending Lindsay Lohan into prison with a bunch of aggressive, sex starved lesbians is a fitting punishment. Sounds more like a party.
Ryan, Clapham

These rumours about Lindsay Lohan being anorexic seem way of the mark. From what I’ve heard she is regularly eating out.
Chris, Christchurch

I personally think that Lindsay Lohan is one sexy bitch. I mean, the Parent Trap never fails to turn me on…
David, Paddington

Lindsay Lohan being put in jail really affected me as much as Michael Jackson’s death did. I couldn’t give less of a fuck.
Harry, Sussex

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