hurricane irene“Hurricane Irene set to Batter New York”

Adele will have fries with that. Ben, Paddington

Hurricane Irene is about to hit east coast of United States.

If MTV doesn’t cancel Jersey Shore, God will. Mike, Kings Cross

I sneaked into an evacuated area in America because of the hurricane. Went into an old shop and grabbed a big mirror. Standing outside and looking into the mirror I felt kind of lonely.

It was just me, myself and Irene. Kate, Rose Bay

BBC news: Thousands of New Yorkers flee their homes in the wake of Hurricane Irene.

Surely the one thing that would stop an American’s house being blown away would be for them to stay in it. Jack, Mile End

If you think Hurricane Irene is gonna blow hard then you aint seen nothing yet… Jordan is up next. Phil, Kingston

As Hurricane Irene sweeps through America, news reports that the eye of the storm has hit New York…

They are expecting the R, the E, the N and the other E to hit some time this afternoon. Jeff, Bondi

Hurricane Irene is like Paris Hilton

…in the news all the time despite not doing much and has gone down on the entire east coast. Rob, Manor House

So Hurricane Irene has killed 28 people so far some of them children. Guess we all know what Michael Jackson’s getting for his birthday today. Bill, Wembley

I’ve seen Hurricane ‘Irene’ on the news today.

They should have named it ‘Osama’ as it’s also in the sea and will fuck up New York. Dave, Chislehurst

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