Happy birthday, Google!
Thank you for getting us through school essays, providing endless free porn and answering thought-provoking, existential queries such as ‘what the fuck happened to Lil’ Kim’s face?’ Here’s a list of Google-based jokes to make you chuckle!
So Google is 15 today? Just one more year before it can get a full-time job and start paying some taxes then
It’s Google’s 15th birthday today. Typical fifteen-year-old, it’s got an answer for everything
It has been determined that Google is a female.
This is because, before you can complete your sentence, she begins to guess and suggest what you’re going to say
The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of the Google search results
My girlfriend was looking through my computer’s internet history earlier when she turned to me and said, “Why did you Google ‘how to perform a good rap?'”
Never been so happy that my ‘E’ key is fucked
I wanted to find out if I could write decent jokes so I searched Google for joke competitions.
I couldn’t find what I wanted, but I’m now an expert on the history of the Scottish Cup
Google has banned porn on their futuristic eyewear, Google Glass.
Probably just as well…I might have accidentally shagged my wife
I was trying to explain the concept of Google to a Christian friend of mine.
“I understand, but why use Google when Jesus has all the answers?” he said.
“Fair enough,” I replied, “But I don’t think Jesus will tell me where to find midget porn.”
I’m embarrassed of my Google internet history.
Not because of the pornography, it’s the list of words I couldn’t spell