We know we are bad people, but we just can’t help ourselves. We’ve always thought Cliff Richard was creepy, and dread every Christmas when his carols dominate the airwaves. We’ve now found evidence that concludes our doubts about Cliff, so here it is our collection of Cliff Richard creepy pictures.

Cliff Richard with dolphin
Poor Flipper… he didn’t deserve it!

His affiliations with animals is a little disturbing… this poor dolphin looks very alarmed about Cliff’s stance. We dread to think what’s going on under the water.
Cliff Richard joke horse
Horse looks nervous, Cliff looks tired…

Poor old Ned he looks totally traumatised. What happened in the barn?
Cliff Richard creepy
Looking like a lady…

Lady face! Lady face! Who wears a mere sash to cover their nipples?
Cliff Richard Deirdre Barlow
Lookie likies with Deirdre from Corrie

If you look like Deirdre from Corrie, then you’ve got a problem!
Cliff Richard Tarzan Tiger
Just leave the animals alone!

How do we count the many things that are wrong with this photo? Loin cloth, murdered stuffed tiger, Cliff naked, the leather sockmops… the list is endless.
Cliff Richard
A hint of David Dickinson

David Dickinson permatan, also makes us think of Lauren Harries, perhaps they should meet up?
Cliff Richard leopard print
Sexy leopard print anyone?

This makes us think of the tiger picture.
Cliff Richard Finger
So that’s how you do it!

Showing how he gets his kicks, digitally.
Cliff Richard young
Back in 1891

The creepiness started many years ago. Has anyone ever found Cliff Richard sexy?
Cliff Richard in the car
Don’t talk to strangers

Remember kids, don’t speak to strangers, no matter what they’re offering.
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