Here are some of April’s best jokes that we’ve decided to share! Go on, you know you want to have a sneak peak. 
Lost my watch at a party. Then I saw a guy stepping on it while harassing my girl. I walked up to the dude, punched him straight in the nose.
No one does that to my girl.
Not on my watch.
-Alf, Melbourne
For Sale: French WW2 rifle
Never fired
Dropped once
-Irene, Sydney
A Welsh man couldn’t sleep, so he counted sheep.
And so the wet dream was discovered.
-Olivia, Newcastle
Christmas is a lot like having sex, the build up is really exciting but when it finally comes, it’s not worth all that money.
-John, Fremantle
Congratulations to Tu You on winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine and for being the most confusing person to sing Happy Birthday to.
-Kyle, Richmond
Two people have been killed and another seriously injured in a knife attack at an Ikea store in Sweden.
Police are currently at the crime scene trying to piece the evidence together.
-Felix, Perth
So I heard that the hackers “Anonymous” are waging war on ISIS and al-Qaeda Ironic that 72 virgins will be attacking the terrorists now!
-Danni, Geelong