Leading technology-driven dating company, Zoosk, has launched the next revolution in online dating today — Burrit-OH!, the app that matches singles based on their burrito compatibility. 
Burrito preference can say a lot about a person — perhaps they live a simple life and only have three ingredients in their burrito. Using its 32 Ingredients™ framework, Burrit-OH! calculates all this to find the perfect match and help daters connect on a deeper level.
“Today’s daters are more sophisticated than their predecessors,” explained Roger Flanagan, Zoosk Software Engineer and one of the key Burrit-OH! contributors. “They’re tired of matching on trivial things and are looking for a more meaningful way to connect. We’ve found that way, and that way is burritos.”
Burrit-OH! matches singles on a deeper level of compatibility — not age, location, life goals or core beliefs — but their true burrito compatibility. Do you and your date both like the ‘butt’ (also known as the bottom or end) of the burrito best? Are you both carne asada lovers at heart? Or do you think people who put peas in burrito-rice are evil individuals bent on destroying all that is good and true in this world?
Whether you feel this crazy new app is simply a scrumptious idea or if you think this is revolutionary to online dating,  check out Burrit-OH! for yourself and start matching with other people who also love burritos, visit burrit-oh.zoosk.com to learn more and sign up.