Sleeping Beauty – a fairy-tale as old as time, complete with Prince Charming, a wicked witch and some manky fruit.
But take off the Disney goggles for a second and what would a real-life tale of sleeping beauty be like?
Well we think it would probably be something similar to the story of a doctor in Russia, who kept her husband’s mouldering corpse at home for four months as she cast spells on him to try and bring him back to life. Somehow we can’t see Angelina Jolie buying the film rights to that enchanted tale.
Shocked neighbours eventually found the mummified body of the 87-year-old pensioner on the sofa in his wife’s living room – which is surely a warning to all women who force their husbands to watch reality TV.
Former colleagues of the unnamed retired physician, 76, in Volgograd, Russia said she had no record of psychological problems, but did reveal she had become “addicted” to a TV show called The Battle of Extrasensory which features psychic host Leonid Konovalov ‘communicating’ with the dead. We think we may see where the problem lies.
The tragic circumstances were revealed when she allowed neighbours into her flat after a running tap had flooded apartments below.
“The flat was clean and neatly arranged, they said, but the smell from the body was quite strong,” said a report in the local paper.
“The couple’s neighbours said that this shocked them deeply. Some said they had previously noticed the smell but did not pay attention to it.”