BBM got in trouble last week for playing Rebecca Black’s Friday on YouTube all-day Friday. Not because her or her friends are attractive, they are thirteen so that would be very illgeal. No, it was just fun to see the shitty song get stuck in everybody’s head.

So congratulations to the Folkestone man who had his stereo and CD collection confiscated after repeatedly playing Whitney Houston’s I’m Every Woman. BBM is more partial to I Will Always Love You but that’s another matter entirely.

Apparently the man tormented other people that lived in the same block of flats by repeatedly playing his small CD collection, which involved a high culture mix of rap and girly pop songs until he was served with a noise abatement notice.

When this went unheeded, officers were forced to break down the door of his flat and confiscate his stereo and CD’s.

Liam Flannery, an environmental health officer for Shepway District Council, said that “Unfortunately, the man concerned didn’t have an extensive CD collection so it was the same few songs. From gangsta rap to I’m Every Woman, over and over again.”

Inbetween showing us his Whitney impression, he continued. “We’ve got his stuff now and the warrant’s open, so if he buys any more we’ll take that too.”

Next time you’re in a cheesy club and Whitney Houston starts blaring out, spare a thought for that poor bugger. And poor Whitney, she’s just not the same since she divorced Bobby Brown.