ON the week of BBM’s 600th issue celebrations, a story reached us from the UK about a woman who has been fined after a post-work evening drink with friends turned into a dirty protest at a hospital. Coincidence? We think not. Stay classy, BBM’s London Office!


Ellen Wardropper (another great surname) innocently began her night at the Crown Pub in Sutton but ended up being arrested for threatening to throw her own faeces at St Helier Hospital staff. Sounds like a normal night to us, what’s the problem there?


Well, apart from the fact that she’s 56-years-old…


Ellen agreed to meet workmates for a drink, skipped dinner and got smashed on wine. Within an hour, she had stripped naked from the waist down and had urinated and defecated on herself.


Police took her to the hospital after she was found slumped in the street. After she threatened to throw her faeces at hospital staff, police were again called.


Magistrates, who described Wardropper’s behaviour as “disgusting”, handed her a nine-month conditional discharge and fined her £191.


We prefer to call her a real shitty “life of the party.”