AS BBM is well aware, most good films are inspired by real life.


It would appear as if the 1969 film Kes, in which a schoolboy befriends a kestrel after stealing it from its nest, was inspired by real life.


Schoolboy Emmanuel Adams, from Sunderland, has become the object of desire for a jackdaw, as it began to befriend him on his walk to school every morning, by sitting on his head.


The crow now turns up with him at school perched on his shoulder, and even comes home with him, sits on his arm whilst he watches TV.


What BBM would like to know is why this never happen to us?!


How cool would it be to have an animal sidekick that followed you everywhere. It’d be just like Batman, except without that pussy Robin.


It’d be great, when you didn’t want to go to certain meetings you could easily say that “my sloth’s sitting on me and I can’t get up.”


At least, that’s what we tell the missus in bed…