BBM is really starting to learn that education is a lot more fun these days than it was when we were whipper snappers, having our young minds shaped and coached into the great people we are today.


Okay, so we mostly learnt how to be sarcy buggers, and how to avoid embarrassment by our shortcomings. But we digress.


38-year-old Cathy Holdcroft, a teaching assistant in Staffordshire, recently came under fire for sending 15-year-old Jacob Gerrard inappropriate texts and Facebook messages, one of which read;  “I miss your smiley face xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mrs H xxxxxxxxxxxxx.”


That’s a lot of x’s right there, and since when is a 15-year-old allowed on Facebook? Shouldn’t they be eating worms or something? Kids these days…


When Jacob did not reply, she sent more messages and started phoning him late at night.


She also sent another message asking if “I really have to get p****d again Jacob?”


Apparently the young lad was confused and scared (what’s there to be confused about?), and his guardian pulled him out of the school.


Yes it’s a bit wrong, but what a little pussy! BBM have seen a photo of this Jacob character and, quite frankly, he should be glad for the attention. Sure, we’ll be registered sex offenders for saying such things but we’re the voice of the people, damnit!


A spokesman for Staffordshire Council said that “The school has suspended the member of staff while it undertakes an internal investigation,” as he deleted his various Facebook accounts.