TURNS out that super intelligent, organised criminals really do only exist in the world of Bond and Ocean’s Eleven.

To be honest, they weren’t even around for Ocean’s Thirteen so we’re starting to think we set the bar a bit high for the real world. And by the real world we loosely refer to our friends in the United States.


There’s been so many unbelievably unintelligent criminal stories lately that BBM is having a hard time picking which petty thief is the most brain dead of the lot of them. But this bank robber has got to be pretty high up on the list.

Here’s a thought: If you’re going to rob a bank it’s probably not the best idea to first give them your ID.

Just sayin’.

Daniel Rahynes waltzed into Metro Bank and asked to open an account. He then provided two forms of identification (pictured) and started the application.

Then he decided to rob the bank.

Oh America. The land of the free. Where stupidity is like an art form.