FunnyPart-com-addicted_to_computerPOLICE in Finland are hunting a gang who managed to steal ‘significant amounts’ of furniture from a hotel.
Usually, it would be pretty easy to spot someone walking around town with a chaise longue tucked under their coat but what makes this case different (not to mention utterly, utterly stupid) is that we’re talking about online furniture – i.e. it doesn’t actually physically exist.
“Significant amounts of virtual property” were stolen from around 400 users of the Habbo Hotel virtual hotel, where visitors can create a character for themselves to hang out with friends, take care of virtual pets and furnish their own rooms for a fee.
The cyber thieves used hoax web pages to steal user names and passwords, which they then used to sign in to Habbo profiles and shift property away from its rightful owners.
As part of the investigation, police have searched homes in five Finnish cities, confiscated computers and interrogated several people. Once again we stress, this stuff doesn’t actually exist.