dumbblondesracingAHH the humble female blonde. Strutting through life clad in the latest designer clothes with barely a thought passing through their petite brains.
Not like your raging red head who’s fiery temper and nocturnal passions are only enflamed further when their pasty skin is accosted by the Australian sun. Nor like your brainy brunette who’s more likely to be found behind a desk than on a catwalk, working towards becoming ‘a partner’ in a legal firm by whipping off her glasses, shaking her hair in slow motion and then sleeping with their 54-year-old boss.
Where are we going with these demeaning gender stereotypes we hear you ask?
Good question! Because although your female red head and your brunette might make more intelligent company than an airheaded blonde when they’re, say, doing the washing up, there’s just nothing like the sight of those lovely long yellow locks bouncing in the sunshine to cheer a bloke up.
And they were out in force doing just that in the Latvian capital last weekend. Over 800 blondes, decked out in pink, marched arm in arm through Riga in a bid to raise spirits in the recession-hit Baltic state. We bet that’s not all that was raised eh fellas? Phwoar!
“I feel very good to be surrounded by so many beautiful women. It’s great to be blonde,” said local student Linda, who turned out with her dog Sniffs. Call us psychic, but we reckon the dog was probably some kind of Chihuahua or poodle with a grossly manicured hairstyle.