ScroogeYOU have to laugh at tight-arse airline Ryanair and the tight-arse people who fly with them.
Only a few weeks after they announced plans to install coin-operated toilets onboard their flights and required passengers to bring their own seat belts, company boss Michael O’Leary claims the airline won’t reimburse stranded passengers left in far-flung places because of the volcanic ash cloud.
EU regulations stipulate airlines must pay for full accommodation and food expenses of their passengers when flights are grounded.
But the diamond-shitting Irishman said in a statement: “while we will consider all passenger requests for reimbursement of reasonable receipted expenses over the past week, any such reimbursement will be limited to the original air fare paid by each passenger.”
In other words, passengers that paid €5 for a flight needed to look deeper into the confines of their musty wallets for the cash needed to house and feed them until the airspace restrictions were lifted.