jackinbox_jaebotTHE big problem for clubs that get relegated from the Premier League is that they’re usually still playing top flight wages the following season.
There’s usually a few contract clauses in there that help but, inevitably, the following season is just as much about trimming the budget as it is bouncing back up.
So it’s all about recouping losses for Hull City following their, effective, relegation last week – and striker Jozy Altidore has already given them a heads up.
Dozy Jozy, on loan from Villareal, had been hoping for a full-time deal at the KC Stadium.
But he did his chances a wee bit of damage by headbutting Sunderland’s Alan Hutton in the 1-0 home defeat by Sunderland that sealed their fate. Now he’s been fined two weeks’ wages – £40,000 – and packed off back to Spain.