Britney-Spears-1116SNUBBED!? ME!? Just who the fuck does Britney Spears think she is? Fucking bitch.
When it comes to psychic dabbling, scrying the future and nude tarot readings, no-one services the stars like Crystal Balls. And I mean ‘service’ in every sense of the word. Alec Baldwin knows what I’m talking about.
For the idiots among you who haven’t heard, it turns out Britney has decided to ditch your Aunt Crystal, Hollywood’s favourite mystic, by turning to that fat fucking nobody Russell Grant for advice on all things spiritual.
“I got an email from Britney Spears’ office,” said so-called astrologer Grant, who’s now appearing on C-list celeb show Kitchen Burnout. “Apparently she wants a reading.”
A source said: “Britney has
asked Russell for readings
in the past and really
values his advice.”
Well there’s two more
names down on my list of
people to shaft. Although
that amorphous blob
Russell should really count
as two people on his own.
I’m surprised at Britney
though. The last famous
Britney to piss me off was
called Murphy – and look
what happened to her.
You have been warned.