UK Hosepipe Ban Lifted After Monsoon MayIt’s a well known fact that the British weather forecast is often more wrong,than it is right, and the hosepipe ban that was inflicted in April was indeed a load of shit.

The day after the hosepipe ban, Noah and his Ark pulled up a pew for May and the first two weeks of June. It has not stopped raining over here in the UK, to the point of monsoons occurring, and the BBM team have paddled to work via the medium of kayak for the last few weeks. All whilst the government have reminded us daily that there is a hosepipe ban in place.

Well now they’ve had to give up the game after severe flooding and many drownings, meaning that they can’t pretend that we still need the rain.

So people leave the hoses running, wash your cars, get your paddling pool out, and have water fights, as we’ve got plenty of the stuff.

By Lance Weeber

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