Tulisa’s blowjobs are a lot like her concerts.
Nobody comes.

Sam, Manly

I knew all along it was really Tulisa in that sex tape.
You could tell by the way she was miming sucking that cock.

Robbie, Fremantle

That Tulisa sextape surprised me in ways I never expected.
Never before had I felt sorry for someone getting a blowjob.

Chris, Nottingham

Why is everyone making such a fuss about Tulisa’s sex tape being leaked? I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but she’s already been in several videos with 2 massive dicks.
Sarah, Kings Cross

Tulisa taking out a gagging order over a video of her giving a blow job.
Now that’s irony.

Josie, Surry Hills

I just made the easiest £250 in my life.
I sent a copy of Tulisa’s sex tape to You’ve Been Framed.

Tom, London

Tulisa is suing her ex over the sex tape. I actually feel sorry for him, first he gets a shit blowjob and then he has to pay for it.
Adam, St Kilda

So it is Tulisa in that sex tape.
To be honest if I wanted to watch Tulisa suck, I’d go see N-Dubz.

Rumi, Richmond

Tulisa’s going to have a hard time swallowing the video of her performing oral acts on a male. Although she didn’t think it would N-Dub on the Internet. She claims it won’t Fazer.
Jas, Bondi

I don’t know why there’s such fuss being made about the Tulisa sex tape. I think it’s the best thing she’s ever recorded.
Mike, Darlinghurst

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