Tracking Device Found In Chocolate BarWe’ve all heard of the occasional dead frog or bug in a salad, or a bit of packing string on a chicken nugget, but one woman was left stunned when she found a small watch-like tracking device in a bar of chocolate, sent over from relatives in New Zealand.

The device was found in a Whittakers chocolate bar, and after complaint was lodged over email an apology was issued.

Apparently there have been over 200 complaints received by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry about food safety breaches since January 2011, including other foreign bodies found in foods such as a condom in a KFC meal, worms and maggots on supermarket pork and a plaster on a pizza.

So make sure you look before you bite down on anything, wouldn’t want to end up with a tampon in a pasty now would you!

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By Fanny Frangipane

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