Penguin Thieves Caught Red Handed Via FacebookA bunch of divs who stole a poor little Fairy Penguin from Sea World have been caught red handed after boasting on Facebook.

Dirk the penguin was stolen and released in Broadwater, the Gold Coast on Saturday night. Poor little Dirk (stupid name) was found cowering under the concrete of Southport pier.

Sea World’s Trevor Long commented on the incident saying, “It’s totally foreign to this animal and it’s very, very cruel,” he told ABC Radio on Monday. “He wouldn’t have survived in the wild, not at all. He would have been an ideal target for a bull shark during the day or dogs and cats.”

If we were Dirk the penguin we would’ve celebrated our freedom by taking a leaf out of Happy Feet’s book and turning a profit busking on the pier…damn amateur.

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By Fanny Frangipane

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