gadaffi “It’s being reported that Moammar Gadhafi is surrounded by an elite core of female bodyguards. In a related story, Charlie Sheen invaded Libya.” Peter, Fremantle

“Moammar Gadhafi is said to be hanging out in a series of underground tunnels. That’s basically admitting you’re evil.” James, Manly

“The strikes on Libya are costing $100 million. Or, in Moammar Gadhafi terms, five Beyonce concerts.” Emily,Parsons Green

“Moammar Gadhafi is starting to sound a little crazy. Al-Jazeera canceled his show, ‘Two and a Half Shiites.'” Simon, Darlinghurst

Gadhafi said he will fight the protestors until the end and he will die as a martyr. The protestors responded by saying, ‘Deal.'” Claire, Fitzroy

Libyan rebel commander: “We have captured two of Gadaffi’s sons. They are being treated well and are unharmed. They will face trial in a Libyan court in front of Libyan people.”
(Then we’ll hang them.)Patrick, Cairns

BBC News: ICC to probe Gadaffi rape claims

Now that’s just not cricket. Cameron, Newcastle

BREAKING: Gadaffi pictured trying to bribe rebels with fried chicken. A source said it was the Colonel’s bargaining bucket. Sarah, Port Stephens

What’s the difference between Sepp Blatter and Colonel Gadaffi?

One’s an old, deluded dictator who rigs elections with his gang of brain washed followers……….the other one’s got Oil! Harry, Newtown

Apparently David Cameron is claiming he is responsible for the downfall of Gadaffi.

He has also claimed responsibility for Emile Heskey scoring at the weekend. David, Kent