toddlers in tiaras spray tan childrenIf you’ve ever watched Toddlers and Tiaras then you’ll know how scary a spray tanned 4-year-old looks. Beautician mum, Jools Willis whom owns two salons in Sussex, admits that she spray tans all her kids, including her 4-year-old daughter in order to boost their confidence. She even admits that she gives her 14-year-old son collagen injections to help his acne. Commenting on making the kiddies look hot to trot for paedos Willis said, “The little ones come in here with their mums. Mum has done it and they want it too.” Ok so have we got this right, if toddlers have to fake tan pluck their eyebrows and paint their nails, does it mean we can regress and start looking like the mono-browed pale trolls we really are…sweet!

P.S. Lady, you sicken us, the only beauty treatment a 4-year-old should have is a mud bath in the garden!