AS tempting as it is for BBM to dedicate the entire Gossip section to Charlie Sheen, we need to show self-restraint (unlike Sheen) and  limit ourselves to two stories.


After his now legendary coke binge with four porn stars that landed him up in hospital, it looks like one of the unlucky girls is set to cash in on the incident – surprised? Neither are we.


Kacey Jordan has reportedly signed up to recreate the night in a porno. Sources say that “The studio offered Kacey close to $100,000 to lure the five porn actresses who were with Charlie to star in the film.”


Turns out the others weren’t so into the idea. Continuing, they commented that “The direction of the project changed, so now Kacey will do an adult film about her own encounter with the Hollywood actor.”


Sign us up, we’ll need an advance copy for our reviews section thanks.