AH, Valentine’s Day. A day where couples everywhere exchange gifts in honour of Saint Hallmark. Good times.


Believe it or not, BBM was never the most popular person on Valentine’s Day back in school. While our class was writing cards and the school skank was giving discounted  head behind the toilets, we were in the compost eating worms for money.


It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.


However, nothing’s tougher than divorcing Katie Price. Well, except for dating her.


So on this week of love, spare a thought for Alex Reid, BBM’s favourite crossdressing cage fighter, as he deals with the devastation of a 10 million pound settlement.


But there was one part of the settlement that Alex didn’t get, but he stole it anyway. A pair of Katie’s pants. No, not trousers, her underpants.


According to Heat, Reid intentionally wore Price’s pants as his drag alter-ego Roxanne to annoy her during the final stages of their relationship.


It was also claimed that Price bought a padlock for her bedroom to stop Reid entering while she was asleep. Take it from us, Alex, it’s never fun to enter while she’s asleep.