The Sun (W News)THE very definition of quality journalism, The Sun, have reported that amateur astronomers have predicted a large-scale solar storm will imminently hit Earth.

The blistering storm has the potential to knock out power grids and interfere with communication systems. It’s 2012 come early!

The storm has the potential to interfe to GPS technology and illness for astronauts based on the International Space Station. It could even lead to disruption or loss of space craft.

Of course, by amateur astronomers The Sun mean internet nerds who are tracking storms on the Solar Stormwatch website, which anyone with internet access can spot then track storms as they erupt.

The storms are caused by solar wind, when magnetic fields hurl billions of tonnes of storm energy from the Sun’s surface into the atmosphere. Serious stuff, innit?

Wait a second, The Sun reported this last week. We didn’t see a solar storm, did you? Quality journalism again, guys!