botoxSimon Cowell has reported thanked his team of judges by spending £3000 on Botox vouchers as a ‘Thank You’ gift to his co-stars.

Louis Walsh seemed delighted at the gift, especially since he can top himself up following his face lift procedure last year. However the ladies seemed less impressed at the gift. Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue were apparently “offended” at Simon’s joke gift, even though it’s evident Minogue has been pumped full of Botox over the years.

“Simon found the whole thing hilarious,” a source told UK paper The Mirror. “He wanted to give the judges a token of his appreciation for working so hard on this series, but given they can all buy themselves pretty much anything they want, decided to opt for a joke gift.

Simon himself has spoken openly about how much he loves a good old Botox session, with Dannii admitting she’s used it under stress. Come on, you’re not fooling anyone, all you judges love a good botox session, it’s clearly evident from the lack of expression on your faces over the last 3 months.

David Mahoney