wayne-rooney-coleen-mcloughlin-thumb-298x298Glamour-puss Coleen Rooney and her husband Shrek have been invited to make a cameo appearance in the (s)hit show, ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ after it’s reported the duo are big fans of the show. Well you got to watch something whilst your hair transplant kicks in right?

Coleen visited Sam and Billie Fairs from the show this week, and is reportedly excited to hit up the sisters’ boutique ‘Minnies’ (Essex word for vagina) and check out the latest designs. We forgot what a style capital Essex is. Sources state that “The girls were really thrilled to meet Coleen.

She told them that she and Wayne love nothing more than cuddling up and watching them on the TV.” Just proves that money can’t buy taste. In other Essex news, Joey Essex, yes, that’s his actual name, has been banned from forging a music career by TV executives, even though he’s yet to be signed on for the third series of the show. Thank the Lord for small mercies.