David-Beckham_1942942cThe Beckham’s have finally delivered their new baby girl Harper Seven. Clue in the name, she weighed in seven pounds, the baby that is, not Victoria.

Staying true to the pair’s penchant for odd baby names, the new arrival’s name was picked by fate. Vicky B loved the name Harper for its old English style – did no-one tell the designer that vintage was so out this season? Seven came from the baby being cut out at around 7am, on the 7th month, and weighing 7 pounds, lazy if you ask us!

The pair are very happy at their new arrival and the couple’s three boys are delighted they have a younger sister. They’ll be taking that back in a few years time, we sense that if she’s anything like her mother, she’ll be the biggest diva in town. Watch out Suri Cruise, there’s a new bad bitch Beckham in town.