drunken_lIt’s getting quite hard to keep up with all the technological advances that the new millennium is bringing, and quite frankly BBM is getting to a point now where we’re just going to forget about buying Blue-Ray, DVD’s or whatever the next thing is going to be, and dig out the VCR and just watch old Disney videos on repeat. Ok so we’re not really, but we were quite excited by the release of 3D films in the cinema, but now Korean cinema company CJ 4DPlex have gone one further and introduced actual wind, fog, and water into their screenings, to make the cinematic experience even more realistic. With cinema goers leaving Pirates of the Carribean slightly damp, and Avatar viewers smelling the aftermath of explosions in the sci-fi warzone, and Kung-Fu Panda audiences being punched by their chairs, we certainly don’t want to imagine what they would do with films like Saving Private Ryan – we’re gathering the smell of corpses wouldn’t be too enticing, and Finding Nemo would surely cause mass drowning. Do us a favour you techy-geeks and stick to the visual.