magnetWe’ve heard of people having magnetic personalities, but magnetic bodies are certainly a little more mind boggling. 11-year-old Paulo David of Brazil has been baffling modern science with his ability to attract metal objects to his body. His magnetic force is so strong that he is able to stick large pans, razors, phones, knives and forks to his body. Family doctor Dix-Sept Rosado Sobrinho told TV Globo he had never seen anything like the ‘Magnet Boy’ case in his 30 years in medicine, but added that the schoolboy’s health was not thought to be at risk. Right, of course his health is not at risk, it’s totally normal to hold your own magnetic pull. Of course our dirty minds are wondering if his special “gift” works on ladies underwire in their bras, imagine “It’s not my fault I’m groping you, it’s my magnetic pull!”