The Mature Category

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree for X Factor’s most irritating hated contestant yet. Katie Waissel, who has finally been booted off the show-has newly discovered that her 81-year-old grandmother, Sheila Vogel has been working as a prostitute and doing pornos. Her family are naturally upset by the thought of having such a sexy pensioner in the kin, but when Katie famously said she’d do anything to be famous and doesn’t care for what reason she’d be famous – it’s clear to see where her values come from. (Now cue sick bags) when speaking about her chosen profession, Slagran said, “Some of them have a fetish and want to call me mummy, auntie or grandma. I think it is a bit weird. It doesn’t surprise me that they come to me for sex. I can give them far better sex than they’ve ever had. I have all that experience. I’m not cheap and common and what I’m doing is not cheap and common. I could see up to three or four clients a day. It doesn’t tire me out – it makes me feel good.” The only good to come from this story is that we now know we have limits.