Hakuna Matata (W News)IF you’re going to go to the trouble of stealing an animal from the zoo, you have to be sure you’re happy with your new pet.

There’s no use stealing an elephant if you live in an apartment or, as a Kansas City resident discovered, stealing a meerkat only to drop it off at the closest pet store. The zoo never reported him stolen because they assumed a hawk might have scooped him up, not a person. The upset thief was probably expecting a singing and dancing pet like Timon from the Lion King.

When isolated they can start to panic, become hysterical, bite, defecate and urinate. Sounds like BBM’s sales team on deadline day. And for you Kansas City thiefs out there, the surveillance video from the store isn’t very helpful because it only takes images every three minutes. You’ve got 180 seconds to steal all the pets you like – good luck!